About Us

Strasbourg-Japan Friendship Association (AASJ) is an association that was created in 1995 by ADIRA (the General Consulate of Japan) and the Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg. This association aims to deepen the connection and promote exchanges between the Japanese residents and the locals interested in Japan and its culture. 

We offer a wide range of events to allow our members to better understand and appreciate Alsatian heritage in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It is also a goal of AASJ to facilitate understanding of our neighboring regions, such as Lorraine, Germany, and Switzerland.

“We want to be the bridge between Alsatian and Japanese culture.”

For nearly 30 years, our association has hosted many cultural, scientific and artistic exchanges between Japan and Alsace. In 2020, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the AASJ was awarded the Certificate of Honour from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, as seen below.